Got a dog that's lonely when you go to work? This might be your answer

No pet owner likes to leave their pet unattended. There’s the guilt associated with clearing off to work while the dog sits at home plotting various forms of revenge. Then there’s the concern about what form that revenge may take – or as the Mark cuban quote on CleverPet’s website has it, “we all know idle paws are the devil’s playground”.

Various manufacturers have attempted to address this with web connected cameras and speakers one can use to communicate with the pet. CleverPet is attempting to address this a different way, with what is essentially a games console for your dog, which was initially revealed at CES in January.

CleverPet says, “The CleverPet Hub entertains and engages dogs through puzzles that combine lights, sounds and touch pads. It rewards furry friends with a bit of their regular food each time a puzzle is solved. The WiFi­connected Hub adapts game complexity and style in real time to match each animal’s unique responses and progress so there’s always something new to learn.”

But the easiest way to get a sense of it is to just watch the video, as watching a dog have fun is always worth a few moments:


CleverPet will be $299 and is currently accepting pre-order sign-ups from its website, although there’s no idea on release date just yet. It won’t be offering international (non US) shipping to begin with  although they say sign up anyway and when it’s available, they’ll get in contact,