One card to rule them all.

Having your pocket weighed down by a million different cards for banking, membership and loyalty points as well as all of that cash you need to carry is what some people might call a first-world problem. Nevertheless, it is a problem – however minuscule it might be. You can dry your tears, though, because Coin 2.0 is here to de-clutter our busy wallets.

Coin 2.0 is a card-shaped device equipped with a super-thin battery pack, Bluetooth signal and a magnet to wrap all of your cards into one. All you have to do is pair Coin 2.0 with an app on your phone, add all of your cards to the app’s library, and then use Coin 2.0 in their place at the checkout.

Coin 2.0When you come to pay, you’ll have to select which card to pay with in the app. Then it’s just a simple case of swiping 2.0 in a shop’s regular card machine. It works in millions of locations, including restaurants, grocery shops and big-name retailers.

The app will keep a history of all your transactions, as well as showing your last-known location and letting you set nicknames for your cards for easy reference when you’re in the app’s Wallet View. Coin 2.0’s makers promise it will keep all of your details safe and secure too.

The great news is that Coin 2.0 can be used worldwide, but the not-so-great news is that it’s currently sold out. It costs $99 (£76), and you can check back here to see when it’s in stock again.