If you reckoned sofas couldn't benefit from being remote controlled, think again

There are many things we’ve connected to the internet: our keys, our phone and even a robot butler. Want to know what the latest addition to this growing club is? A sofa.

The Lift-Bit (not to be confused with Fitbit) is a sofa developed by Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra and design firm Carlo Ratti Associati, and is what they are calling ‘the world’s first digitally-transformable sofa.’ Rather than one solid piece of furniture, the Lift-Bit is made up of a series of individual hexagonal stools that are motorised. This allows you to raise the stools up and down – using an app, of course – according to your specifications.


With the app, you can choose from a series of pre-determined shapes for your sofa, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can create the sofa of your dreams. We’re told the sofa does have a bit of a life of its own, with the Lift-Bit moving of its own accord if you get bored and stop moving it.

Whether wrestling with your sofa sounds like a relaxing activity, we’ll leave up to you.

The creator of Lift-Bit hopes the sofa will lead to architecture that adapts to human needs, rather than humans creating it – think of it as a living space tailored just for you.

Although Lift-Bit is currently being shown as part of an exhibit in Milan, it is available for pre-order. As you’d expect from the design firepower behind the sofa, it doesn’t come cheap. With the option of a sofa in mint, red, yellow or blue, the luxury of having your very own Lift-Bit will extract a mere £10,000 out of your bank account.

On second thoughts, that battered but familiar old couch in the corner might have a few years left in it yet.