This dongle will plug into your Samsung TV and act as a SmartThings hub

The ability to control all your smart home devices from one screen seems like a smart home dream, but with Samsung’s latest dongle, your dream is becoming a very exciting reality.

Called SmartThings Extend, Samsung’s latest gadget transforms your TV into the control centre of your entire smart home, tying together the SmartThings smart home platform with the built-in Smart Hub system of your Samsung TV. All you need to do is attach the small dongle – that’s tech speak for hardware accessory – to the back of your Samsung Smart TV. This will enable you to control all your smart home devices devices – like connected lights and locks – right from your TV screen.

Samsung Dongle

Samsung explained that the dongle will be able to work with all Samsung 7, 8 and 9-series smart TVs, as well as the new SUHD with Quantum Dot Displays, allowing you to check in on everything from your alarm clock to your refrigerator’s energy consumption whenever you plop in front of the telly.

Even better? Samsung is planning on giving the dongle away to existing SUHD TV owners later this year. Unfortunately, this new feature is only available on 2016 Samsung Smart TVs, as they are the only ones kitted out with the Smart hub technology. But hey, there’s always your birthday on the horizon…