Dainese is about to put its D-Air Misano airbag jacket for motorcyclists on the market, the first of its kind to activate without any need to connect to a bike.


The D-Air Misano 1000 is packing a collection of sensors, GPS, and other electronics that apparently monitor the rider’s body 800 times a second, and deploy an airbag the split second they detect impact or tumbling. Previous versions of the technology needed to be paired with bike-based sensors too, which added complexity, and meant swapping bikes deactivated the jacket.

When inflated, a two inch thick airbag surrounds the upper torso and neck like a life-jacket, helping protect its wearer’s collar bone, chest, and back, whilst reducing neck strain.

The jacket has an ON/OFF switch on the closing flap, so it activates when it’s fastened, with an LED panel on the sleeve to remind the rider if it’s activated or not.

The D-Air Misano 1000 airbag jacket will be available in November in two colours schemes for €1,499 (around £1098).