Get your dog ready to rave with this adorable smartphone-controlled LED dog jacket.


A practical dog jacket is a great idea for keeping your chilly chihuahua warm the moment the sun goes behind a cloud, but when it comes to hitting the town, your poor old pooch is left feeling underdressed for a night on the tiles. Plus, you can’t really take your dog out dancing, so there’s that too.

But it’s like that old chestnut of a saying goes – if you can’t bring your dog to the party, bring the party to your dog. Disco Dog is a smartphone-controlled LED jacket that lets your dog wear its very own rave-tastic light show. Behold the glory of Disco Dog:

Disco Dog

With its very own microcontroller and Bluetooth LED chip, Disco Dog connects to your phone to let you customise its light sequence in an app. There are preset animated modes like sparkle, stripes and firefly, or you can input your own message for your dog to carry on its back. Say hello, Disco Dog…

Disco Dog HelloAs if that’s not mind-blowing enough, Disco Dog also comes with a Lost Dog mode to keep your pooch safe and sound. If he ever wanders too far out of range and the connection gets lost, the jacket will automatically flash a LOST DOG message to alert bystanders that he’s lost his owner.

Disco Dog LostAs well as tailoring your own messages and adjusting the LED mode, the app also lets you control the brightness of the lights – just in case Disco Dog is too party-tastic for some folk to handle. The app has a fun, clean interface, so it’s super-easy to change up Disco Dog’s look while you’re on the go.

Disco Dog app

Unfortunately, Disco Dog has actually built you up only to knock you down again, because the jacket isn’t actually a thing yet – unless you’ve got a couple of hundred quid to spare. The jacket has successfully raked in enough funding on Kickstarter to launch a pricey limited edition version, which will set you back $300 (£212). If money is no object when it comes to your beloved pup, you can place a pre-order here.

Disco Dog Rainbow