With games, educational resources, and moderation tools Disney's new messaging app aims to create a community for kids.

There is not, at this point, a shortage of messaging apps on the market at the moment. The average phone has upwards of three installed, just to keep up with them. But Disney’s taking a shot at the game, with Disney Mix – with a range of tools to make it a safe and fun messaging environment.

The app aims to be more than a basic messaging app, with stickers and memes galore. It also give you the ability to create an avatar and compete with it against your friends in a range of games.

What makes the app safer than your average, is the dedication to safety within it. Disney Mix opens with a statement that bullying and harassment will not be tolerated. There’s a simple system for reporting, with a whistle icon, that calls for an adult moderator to step in.

Disney are also asking parents to talk to their kids about using the app, and to report back if they have any concerns.

Disney Mix is available now on the App Store, and GooglePlay.