Apple fans, this one’s for you…


Do you ever notice how few USB ports there are in Apple products? It’s as if Apple is telling you not to plug in all your devices at once. Now, thanks to the DoBox, that problem is no more. But more importantly, it also claims to be able to connect all your devices wirelessly, so for example enabling you to access your MacBook from your iPad.

Not sure what we mean? Using the DoBox app, your Apple device becomes the controller to work the box’s various functions. Want to play music? Connect a speaker to the DoBox and stream it from your phone. Need to charge your phone? Just connect it via USB. You can even use the DoBox as a portable media centre with the HDMI port, or use the box as a wireless router.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 16.32.37

And the best part? Its all in one box and easy-to-use. Simply turn it on with the touch sensitive button on the top, connect to the DoBox’s own Wi-Fi with your Apple device, and use the ports as necessary.

DoBox’s creator even claims that the handy-dandyness of the dock will save you at least £350, as you’ll no longer need to purchase Apple’s additional accessories.

Unfortunately, the do-it-all DoBox isn’t available in stores yet, as it is currently being funded on KickStarter. But for a mere £99, you’re guaranteed to receive the DoBox in your choice of colour.