Just blow into the end of your phone to know if it's safe to drive.

A Texas startup might just have the key to responsible drinking, and it’s the size of a USB stick. Meet DrinkMate – the Indiegogo sensation that turns your phone into a nifty little breathalyser.

A tiny cylindrical gizmo that slots in your pocket or your handbag, DrinkMate hooks up to your phone to make checking your bloody alcohol content a doddle. Just plug the device into your iPhone’s lightning port or your Android’s micro USB slot, blow onto the end of the device, and in just a few seconds the DrinkMate app will display your BAC.

Drinkmate iOS and Android

Separate DrinkMate devices are available for iOS and Android phones

DrinkMate’s special air inlet is carefully designed to direct air perfectly to the device’s onboard sensor, meaning you can get an accurate BAC reading without even having to put your lips against a mouthpiece. What’s more, DrinkMate is powered entirely by your phone, so there are no batteries to faff around with before you hit the town.

There are social features too. In the app, you can share your BAC readings with friends and see theirs too – perfect for checking that your designated driver is still safe to take you home after a long one. You can also see an overview of all of your readings throughout the night on a nice and simple timeline, along with a pinpointed map showing exactly here every reading was taken during your night.


DrinkMate is the smallest breathalyser in the world

When you’re done checking your BAC, you just simply unplug DrinkMate and pop it back inside its little carry case. It comes with a keychain too, meaning you can keep it next to your keys. That way, you’ll always be reminded to check you’re safe to drive when you pop the key in the ignition.

The cherry on the cake is DrinkMate’s price. Although its makers claim it has achieved the ultimate feat of being the smallest breathalyser in the world, the genius little piece of tech can be yours for just $34.99 (around £39). You can buy both the Android and iOS versions here.