This tough mother-sucker can handle all kinds of household terrains to give your floors a precise, thorough, powerful clean.

Dyson has been taunting us with the forbidden delights of the Dyson 360 Eye for a while now, but now is the time to rejoice, because the hotly-anticipated robot vac has a release date set for some time in June – just 6 weeks away.

Packing a digital motor that generates suction across the whole machine, the Dyson 360 Eye can pick up more dirt than you can probably physically see. Its built-in Dyson cyclones can separates even the tiniest of particles of dust and dirt from the airflow, meaning this bad boy can even guzzle up pollen and mould on its travels – a nice little thought for asthma and hay-fever sufferers.

That 360 part comes from – you guessed it – the Dyson 360 Eye’s ability to see in all directions. Dyson says the machine uses complex maths, probability theory, geometry and trigonometry to map and navigate a room, which helps it clean much more thoroughly and avoid obstacles.

The Dyson 360 Eye doesn’t just have perfect vision, though; it’s also something of a smooth mover. Rather than trundling along on wheels like most other robot vacs, it’s actually got tiny continuous tank tracks so it cam steam along on all floor types while maintaining speed and direction.

As is custom, you can track, schedule and control the Dyson 360 Eye’s cleaning routine on the Dyson Link app on your phone – even when you’re not in the house. You’ll be able to see maps of the vac’s cleaning progress to help you visualise exactly what floor space has been covered.

It’s still not clear exactly how much the Dyson 360 Eye will cost, but its Japanese launch price was 138,000 Yen before tax, which converts to around £750. If you can stomach the price tag, you can sign up here to get a notification when it’s available to pre-order.