Now Dyson's motors and fans can work their magic on your hair, not just your carpets.

Dyson sucks AND blows. Dyson’s latest is a load of hot air. These are just two of the terrible, terrible jokes now fully operational thanks to the release of its new hair dryer, the Supersonic.

Being Dyson, it’s not any hairdryer – it’s promised to be smaller, less noisy, better balanced and better able to avoid damaging hair. That’s because Dyson has redesigned the motor so it sits nearer the handle, eliminating the traditional top heavy unit and rotating a 13 blade impeller up to 110,000 times per second at a pitch, Dyson says, that’s inaudible to human hearing.

Dyson also says that air temperature is monitored and regulated up to 20 times a second, with the aim of reducing potential heat damage to hair that’s always a risk with other dryers.

None of this technology comes cheap though, with Dyson listing a price of £299. With a release date in June, Dyson is accepting pre-orders now.