Surf the internet anonymously with this clever eBlocker Pro device that puts up a virtual shield against data trackers, thieves, and ads.

Update: eBlocker Pro’s hit its funding target and is now available for ordering.

eBlocker Pro is a plug-in box for your computer that’s currently making waves over on Kickstarter by claiming to keep your online life completely private from the prying eyes of third-party trackers.

By connecting to your home network via an ethernet cable, eBlocker Pro hides your IP address to block ads and stop all outside forces of evil accessing your data, activity, and online behaviour. It does this by routing all of your web traffic for careful analysis, constantly updates its blocking lists so that it can automatically compare all requested URLs before granting anything access.

If you’re thinking that’s all a bit unnecessary since you make a conscious effort to stay safe online, you might be surprised – and probably a bit freaked out – to discover that online enemies are much closer to you than you think.

Take that online casino where you placed one silly little bet a while ago. If data brokers sell your online profile to your bank, you could could be kissing goodbye to that mortgage thanks to your “gambling history”. And what about that deadly disease you were Googling the other night? If insurers catch wind of that, your rates could soar. See how it only takes just one innocent click?

The great news is that if eBlocker Pro does what it says on the tin, we’re all safe and sound. And because it connects to your home network rather than a single device, it automatically spreads its virtual clock over every other device connected to the network. That includes your phone, tablet, computer, Internet of Things devices, and even your games console.

In case you want to customise eBlocker Pro’s security level, there an online dashboard where you can device how and what data you don’t mind being revealed, and also whitelist websites that you know are completely safe.

You can pre-order eBlocker Pro for $129 (£89).