Cultivate a miniature rainforest in your home and create a tranquil zen of calm with the EcoQube Air indoor desktop garden.


It’s all well and good filling your home with a host of smart gadgets, but sometimes an injection of mother nature is just the ticket for a happier, healthier life. That’s where EcoQube Air comes in. This divine little desktop greenhouse is a life-nurturing, air-purifying centrepiece that turns your home in a healthy haven.

Unlike the greenhouses in our actual gardens, EcoQube Air’s environmental factors can be automated entirely via an app on your smartphone. With a tap of your finger, you can alter the air flow from the dual fans, orchestrate a light schedule for your smart garden’s multicoloured LEDs, and even emulate weather conditions like cloud cover and oncomings storms above your flourishing plants.

Whether you’re growing an edible salad forest or a decorative bed of flowers, there’s space in EcoQube Air for up to 12 plants to grow together at any time of the year. Whatever you choose to grow, EcoQube Air will use its clever filtration system to stimulate growth, while its UV filter will actively kill microbes and prevent the growth of algae.

Its purifying powers don’t stop inside the greenhouse, though. Using its clever airflow system, EcoQube Air can remove harmful particles from the air in your home, fight odours and airborne allergens, and act as a handy humidifier. Its makers also reckon its LEDs promote smart light therapy, emulating the cycle of the sun to help you sleep better, relax deeper, and even get over jet lag.

The great thing with EcoQube Air is that it really requires minimal effort to look after, aside from the larks to be had in the smartphone app with LED alarm schedules and creating awesome weather scenes. Because the garden is a soil-less hydroponic affair (it grows plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water), you only have to water it once a month. The system will filter out the dirty water via its drainage spout every time you top up, keeping your garden nice and fresh all year round.

You can pre-order EcoQube Air over on Kickstarter for $139 (£98). It has completely smashed its funding goal, so we can probably expect it to ship on schedule in November this year.