Whether you need to focus, relax, or sleep, ELF Emmit will help you get there.

The human brain is an impressive piece of equipment but sometimes, rather inconveniently, it seems to have a mind of its own. It dozes off when you want to work, kicks into high gear when you’re trying to sleep, and generally messes you around. ELF Emmit helps you wrangle your unruly brain to your will, with the aid of low frequency electro magnetic pulses.

The low frequency pulses allow you to effectively set the speed at which you’re operating. It helps you cycle through the five different brain wave speeds at which we operate, to help you get the most from your day. By plugging it into the headphone jack on your phone, you can set your desired brain wave speed, and the time you need to operate there, and get going.

Elf Emmit

If you have a lot of work to get done, and need to concentrate, you can pull your brain out of the fog by setting the ELF Emmit to a higher frequency wave.

If you’re trying to sleep, and you can’t stop your mind working, set it to a lower wave to help you drop off. Or if you just want to take a quiet moment in the middle of the day – choose the appropriate setting to help you.

ELF Emmit has successfully reached its goal on Indiegogo, and you can still pre-order by pledging.