Meet the tiny water wearable that wants to save your life this summer...

If you’re planning on hitting the water for swimming, boarding or boating this summer, you’re probably already kitted out with safety equipment like a life-jacket or a helmet…right? Don’t worry – if that’s got you panicking, there’s a simple, quick-fix way to get water-ready. Enter Kingii…

Touting itself as the world’s smallest water wearable, Kingii is a personal, portable floatation device that lives on your wrist like a slightly chunkier sports watch. If you ever find yourself struggling to stay above water, simply pull Kingii’s lever and its built-in CO2 canister will inflate a buoyancy balloon, dragging your wrist and face towards the surface.

Kingii inflatingWhen you’re out of immediate trouble, Kingii has a compass to help you get back on track, and a whistle to call for help if you can’t get back to shore alone. The balloon is octagonal shaped so it’s easy to hold onto once you’re above water, and because it’s bright orange you shouldn’t have a problem getting noticed.

It can stay inflated for over 48 hours too, so it’s primed for extreme circumstances – like if you do happen to find yourself drifting seriously off course.

The real boon with Kingii is that it’s much less bulky than a life jacket. If you’re surfing or swimming you obviously need to stay as streamlined and lightweight as possible, and so Kingii is there to give you the security of a life jacket without padding you out.

It’s not just for serious water babies, though. Kingii is great for anyone just chilling at the beach or out for a quick dip. Kingii’s makers want it to be the water equivalent of strapping on a seat belt when you get in the car. It’s perfect for all kinds of emergencies in the water, like if you’re swimming when there isn’t a lifeguard near, if you become exhausted or encounter a heavy current, of even if you’re hit by a bout of the dreaded cramp.

KingiiBecause Kingii’s floatation balloon folds neatly back inside the wristband once you’re done with it, you can use it again and again if you need to. The CO2 canisters are easily replaceable – simply screwing inside the band underneath a water-tight cap.

After successfully thrashing its funding goal on Indiegogo, Kingii is now available to buy worldwide. You can get it for just €89.99 (£70) here.