Clone any real-life object with just a tap of your smartphone screen.

3D printing tech has made massive breakthroughs in recent years, but the possibility of being able to use a 3D scanner or printer in own homes has always seemed like lightyears away. That is – until genius gadgets like Eora came along.

Eora is an affordable device that turns your existing smartphone into a full 3D scanner. It’s made up of two components; the solid aluminium 3D scanner that doubles as a mount for your phone, and a neat little Bluetooth turntable for rotating your subject.


Once you hit “Scan” in the smartphone app (iOS and Android), 1Eora gets to work scanning objects within a 1-metre radius using a green laser beam, while the Bluetooth turntable rotates in sync to allow the laser to cover all angles of the object.

It captures over 1000 photos and up to 8-million points in a single scan, producing an accuracy of less than 100 microns, which is about the thickness of a sheet of paper. That should produce some brilliantly uncanny replicas of all kinds of weird and wonderful objects. Nb. Don’t scan your cat.

The 3D image of your real-life object gets auto-focussed and transmitted to the app in your phone in real time, then saved in .ply, .obj, and .stl formats. You can save your 3D designs to Dropbox, share them with friends and, more importantly, send them to your 3D printer for your real-life replica to finally take shape. The entire scanning process takes just three to five minutes.

The best bit? Eora is one of the most affordable, convenient 3D scanners on the market. It stormed to fame on Indiegogo a few months back, and you can pre-order it for $319 (around £260). Worldwide shipping is set for November this year.