The Falyon SDJ is a Back to the Future-style self-drying jacket that circulates high-pressure air to dry off while you're wearing it.

Make like Back to the Future’s Marty McFly with this self-drying jacket that’s equipped with hidden air vents to give itself a thorough blow-dry.

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BTTF fans have feasted on some serious nerd fuel this year. First, there were the self-lacing Nike Mags, then there was a real  hoverboard, and now it looks like Marty’s self-drying jacket from Back to the Future 2 is about to join the list of gadget dreams come true. Don’t remember it? Check out this YouTube clip.

Currently garnering lots of attention over on Kickstarter, the Self-Drying Jacket (or SDJ) is the loving work of a startup called Falyon. And as well as being a dead ringer for the actual jacket Marty wears in the film, it manages to pull off exactly the same stunt. That is – rendering its wearer a giant walking tumble dryer.

The SJD works using a clever system of high-pressure air circulation. With the same force as the hair-dryer you use at home, two air amplifiers emit air throughout the interior layers of the coat to dry it completely from inside out.

Granted, it’s not the most conspicuous jacket. Just like Marty’s, the SDJ puffs up to about twice its size during the drying process. And it’s not just as powerful as a hair-dryer; it’s as loud as one too. Then there are the three exhaust vents on the inner collar that blast air onto your neck and face for a full-on facial, whether you like it or not.

Thinking what we’re thinking? This thing is going to make you look like a nut job in public. Not least if you switch it on accidentally to horror of innocent bystanders. The SDJ’s power button is located at the bottom right next to the zip, so it’s entirely possible. One inadvertent knock, and the little old lady next to you on the bus is going to need resuscitating.

Still, Falyon claim that the SDJ will become noticeable dry after just 30 seconds with the amplifiers blasting out air, banishing 90 per cent of moisture after just a minute. So at least it’ll be a quick and relatively painless experience.

SDJ is powered by rechargeable batteries that can run for up to 30 minutes. The two battery cells each weigh less than an iPhone, and can be juiced up using a six foot long charging cable that comes with the jacket.

There are plenty of pockets built into the SDJ for transporting your various gadgets of the future or, for now, iPhones and tablets. And as it’s made from water and wind-repellant nylon with synthetic insulation, it’ll keep you toasty during the winter months.

Brave/mad enough? Pre-order the Falyon SDJ for an early bird price of $149 (£100) from Kickstarter. Shipping is set for April 2016.


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