Because you can't sing yourself to sleep.

Sleeping is arguably one of life’s best activities, but it brings with it a host of problems. Whether you struggle to wake up, can’t make it through a night without jolting awake, or have problems falling asleep in the first place, FitSleep will try to help.

FitSleep emits low frequency waves as you fall asleep, speeding up your transition into deep, restful sleep, and ensuring your set of eight hours gets you the real rest you need. It will help you fall asleep faster, and make sure you sleep deeper.

And as you sleep, it will measure how well you’re doing, based on your heart rate and breathing – with 95% accuracy. Using FitSleep, you can pinpoint what is disrupting you and stopping you getting the sleep you need.

The more you use it, the more it learns about you, collating data on the cloud and giving your peronsalised tips for getting the best possible night’s sleep.


The device sits under your pillow or mattress, and unobtrusively measures your sleep, until it wakes you up in the morning. After you set your alarm time in the FitSleep app, it will make sure it wakes you when your’e in a light sleep – rather than pulling you out of the deep part or your sleep cycle. You’ll wake up actually feeling awake, and be much less likely to grab a few minutes more shut eye.

One charge will last for 30 nights of sleep, so you can slip the device into your bed and forget about it. And if there are two people in one bed, it can cope with that too – the device only measures the sleep of the person directly above it.

FitSleep met its funding goal on Indiegogo, and is currently available for pre-order, expecting to ship in September.