Everything's levitating these days, and we are here for it.

If you were as excited as us about the levitating smart watch charger, get ready for more. AR Designs is joining the party with OvRcharge (see what they did there?) a levitating, wireless smartphone charger.

Using magnetic suspension, OvRcharge levitates your phone over a sleek wooden base, rotating it casually in the air, as it charges.


The specially designed case that houses an electricity charger, to pull power from the very air around it, and a magnet, to make it float, like a technological hummingbird. While AR designs have a range of cases to suit your needs, if your phone isn’t covered, they’ll provide an attachment to work with the case you already have.

It works with smartphones and tablets alike – if you have enough devices, you could turn your entire house into a levitating technology gallery.

AR Design’s Kickstarter Campaign is edging closer to its target, and while the early bird deals are almost gone, there’s still plenty of room for more pledges. It’s predicted ship date is December of this year – so there’s time to make your charging magical before 2017.

So we’ll just be sitting here waiting for someone to help us levitate our laptops now.