Anxious dogs, smog-riddled commuters and noisy neighbour haters can all get on board with some of the awesome tech we've discovered this week.

QuietOn – Fight noise with…more noise

QuietOn ear plugsPre-order for $160 (around £120) from Indiegogo

QuietOn earplugs aim to help you catch some ZZZs by fighting the noise outside with the only thing stronger than it; more racket. Don’t worry – hat doesn’t mean they’re going to blast heavy metal into your eardrums. It’s ‘anti-noise’, which is an inverse sound wave created from the ambient sound QuietOn’s microphone picks up. In theory, this method should cancel out noise almost completely. It’s so effective, in fact, that QuietOn’s makers reckon it will drown out even loud industrial sounds like power saws – let alone the party in the next street, or next-door’s drum practice. The earplugs are completely wireless, and are designed to be nice and comfy against your pillow. They don’t have any buttons or fussy settings, and fire up automatically when you take them out of their little charging case, with around 50 hours of battery life on full charge.

Cleanspace Tag – For a lung-friendly route to work

CleanSpace Tag pollution sensorBuy it for £49 from CleanSpace

CleanSpace Tag is a portable air sensor for city dwellers that detects carbon monoxide levels in the air in real-time. It connects to an app to help you avoid then suggests small changes to help you avoid particularly heavy pollution hotspots, plan lung-friendly routes to work, and even claim rewards for travelling clean As well as showing you exactly what level of gruesome smog you’re dealing with, it also provides links to eye-opening insights into what all of your device’s data means. It also dishes out handy tip and hints on how you can reduce or completely avoid pollution exposure whether you’re indoors or out. You can check your exposure to carbon monoxide by hour, day, week, month or year. You can also help yourself out by running, walking or cycling instead of jumping on the tube, train or bus. This also lets you rack up CleanMiles that you can then cash in for exciting rewards and discounts from CleanSpace Tag’s partners.

Zencrate – A chill smart pad for nervous dogs

Zencrate smart dog shelterPre-order for $399 (around £300) from Kickstarter

Packed with proximity sensors, anti-vibration feet, WiFi and the perfect canine playlist, Zencrate is designed to be a quiet, tranquil place for your dog to chill when things outside get too much. It uses its sensors to detect when your dog climbs inside, triggering the fan to give your dog a gently cooling breeze, while a playlist kicks in through the built-in speakers using tunes that anxiety research suggests have a calming effect on dogs. The create is also kitted out with vibration-dampening feet, which are specially designed to counter the unsettling vibrations from thunderstorms. For pet owners who have to leave their pooch home alone sometimes during bad weather, Zencrate will automatically text you as soon as you dog hits the pillow, giving you reassurance that he’s riding out the storm somewhere peaceful.

Amazon Dash – A panic button for groceries

Amazon Dash AndrexBuy now for £4.99 from Amazon

Amazon Dash buttons have finally made it to UK shores, and you grab yours now. Tiny WiFi-equipped pods that you can stick or hang in a prominent place in the house, Amazon Dash buttons let you order essential groceries via your Amazon Prime account with a single tap. You’ll need a separate button for each household essential, and there are roughly 40 brands currently available, including the likes of Kleenex, Gilette, Whiskas, Fairy and Huggies. You’ll need to go online and quickly link it to your Prime account, then assign the particular product from that brand that you’d like on tap. After that, it’s a simple case of waiting until you’re running out of that product and giving the button a press. You’ll get an automatic alert after you press the button with details such as price and estimated delivery time, including an option to cancel the order if you press by mistake. Amazon will also discount the cost of the Dash button when you use it to purchase a product, so it’s essentially free.

Vitastiq – Scan your skin for nutrients

Vitastiq 2 wireless vitamin and mineral trackerPre-order for $99 (around £74) from Indiegogo

Using a method called electro-acupuncture, Vistastiq tracks imbalances in the body through electrical conductivity measured at specific acupuncture points. In other words, its scans your skin to check the status of 30 of the body’s most essential nutrients. Pretty neat. From Vitamins A, B3, C, D and E, to Folic Acid, Manganese, Potassium and Zinc, Vitastiq can find the nutritional value of a wide variety of different nutrients inside your body and send a reading to your phone in seconds. Just dampen the tip of the device, find the measuring point on your skin with visual guidance from the app, and carefully move the tip of the Vitastiq between puncture points to scan for nutrients. It will beam that reading to an app on your phone, where you can get personalised nutrition advice based on your levels. Over time, the app will identify trends in your readings to help give you the most accurate advice possible.