While we've all been sweating it out in a heatwave this week, the world of tech has been cranking up the heat too. Check out some of the sizzlingly-awesome tech you may have missed this week...

Sunscreenr – The x-ray beach camSunscreenr

Ever got a tan – or worse, sunburn – in the weirdest shape because you didn’t apply sunscreen properly? If so, you’ll appreciate this magical Sunscreenr device.

It’s tiny camera that lets you see exactly where on your body you’ve applied sunscreen – and where you haven’t.

Like a normal camera, you’ll see a real-time view through the lens, and you’ll even be able to record short 30 seconds videos. But when you look at a person through it, any skin protected by sunscreen will appear noticeably darker, almost like they’ve applied a full-body mud pack.

The gadget’s x-ray trick is down to a special custom-made lens and a UV-responsive sensor. Along with image processing algorithms, this enables the camera to remove all light except the part of the spectrum that sunscreen absorbs.

Sunscreenr smashed its funding goal on Indiegogo at the end of June, but it’s still taking pre-orders for worldwide shipping in December. The current lowest price early bird deal is a painless $93 (around £70).

MEEM – Back up your life while you chargeMEEM

MEEM claims to be the first ever phone-charging cable that can mirror your life. From photos, videos and music, to your calendar, contacts and all of the priceless text conversations between you and your friends, MEEM will keep a permanent, secure back-up of all of the lovely stuff you never want to lose.

No cloud storage fees, no fiddly file transfers, no nasty cyber thieves coming along to steal your life’s memories. All of your treasured holiday snaps and lovingly-compiled playlists will be saved safely to MEEM and accessible only by you.

Pretty much like your regular phone charger. The only difference is that when you plug MEEM into your phone, it will auto-sync all your phone’s files for seamless backup.

If ever MEEM gets into the wrong hands, you’re still safe. The MEEM app will have you create a secure passcode that anyone plugging MEEM into an unfamiliar phone will have to input before they can access or add to MEEM’s data.

MEEM reached its crowdfunding goal in March, and you can buy it now for £39.99 (16GB Android) or £52.99 (32GB iOS).

Zcan – Scan the world to your iPhone
Zcan wireless mouse scanner

A neat little mouse for Macs, Windows computers and even your iPhone, Zcan lets you click and scroll to send text and pictures to your screen in an instant.

Whether it’s a text document, graph, table, or even a picture that caught your eye, Zcan will send it screenwards in real-time as you hover the mouse over it. The content will appear like for like on your device’s screen, and will convert to an editable format to let you tweak and type as you wish.

You can even send content straight to programs like Microsoft Word and Excel to get editing straight away.

The possibilities with Zcan are almost limitless. Quickly back up work documents on your computer, send text in a foreign language straight to Google translate, or even scan text straight to a speech translator to hear it out loud – it’s all as simple as wiggling a mouse.

Its picture scanning abilities make it a perfect tool for mood boarding, which beats trying to get your phone at the perfect angle to snap a shot with its camera. Zcan recently added iPhone support too, so you can beam up perfect pictures in a jiffy to save to your gallery or share with friends.

Zcan is available either wireless or wired. You can pick up the wired version for $79 (around £60), and the wireless version for a pricier $159 (around £121).

Pawscam – Make your dog a film directorPawsCam

Want to know what your dog is really getting up to when you’re out of the house? Of course you do. Bring on PetCam – a lightweight collar camera that  turns your pooch into a roving one-man (dog) film crew.

Just like a real-life film crew, PetCam only starts recording when something interesting is happening. Its onboard sensors will trigger the 480-pixel camera to start shooting as soon as they detect doggy motion like standing, rolling, chasing, jumping and licking. Lights and other environmental factors will also nudge the camera into action.

PetCam shoots 480-pixel video in short 6-second bursts to give you a snippet of the action,and can save up to 4G of video clips during the day. When you get home from work, PetCam will auto-upload the day’s cuts to the PetCam app on your phone for your perusal.

PawsCam is climbing its way to stardom on Indiegogo, where you can pre-order it now for an early bird price. Its current lowest price is $99 (around £74).

Ring Video Doorbell – Never miss an Amazon parcel
Ring video doorbell

Ring is a WiFi-connected video doorbell that sends a notification to an app on your phone whenever someone’s at your front door. With an onboard mic for two-way chatting, you can tell your friends to come on in, give the delivery guy instructions on where to leave your package, or even tell a salesman to shoo – all directly from your smartphone screen.

You don’t even have to be in the country to answer your door with Ring. Wherever you have access to the internet, you have access to Ring, so you could be sipping a Margarita on the poolside this summer and still be able to see who’s calling when you’re not there.

There’s also a built-in motion sensor, which is able to detect all kinds of doorstep activity and send an instant alert to your phone when there’s someone lurking. That’s handy if your guest decides to knock instead of ringing the bell.

After hours, the motion sensor will trigger Ring’s night vision camera. No more curtain twitching for you, neighbourino.

Ring has just launched in the UK after enjoying success in the US. You can buy it from Curry’s for £159.

Oyster card nails – Touch in on the tube, literallyOyster Card nails

Fumbling for your Oyster card in a heaving crowd of impatient commuters on the London underground is stressful. But with these microchipped stick-on nails, you can make a perfectly manicured check-in without even having to reach for your purse.

Created by 22-year-old design student Lucie Davis, the nails are embedded with the exact same RFID chip as an Oyster card, meaning you can quite literally tap in and out of the barriers on the tube by hovering your hand over the sensor.

Of course, they’re also designed to look like the iconic Oyster card – an inspired little touch.

Davis told the Evening Standard that she’s been in touch with TfL about potentially making them available for the public to use. “It’s early days and it’s just a conversation but it’s exciting. And people keep telling me what a great idea this is and that they’re always losing their cards.”

Zeeq – The world’s smartest pillowZeeq Smart Pillow

Zeeq is the smart pillow of your dreams. It stops you snoring, it plays you lullabies, it wakes you up nicely, and it even learns what helps you sleep.

Zeeq’s hidden microphone is so sensitive it can determine how loudly you’re snoring to the exact decibel. When it detects an offending snort, its vibration motors will gently vibrate to encourage you to change position. Beats your partner punching you in the arm, right?

With 8 precision placed Bluetooth speakers under its soft veneer, Zeeq can beam tunes straight from Spotify or iTunes on your phone to sing you to sleep.

There’s also a vibration alarm to wake you up ever so gently. You can set the alarm time before you go to bed in Zeeq’s companion phone app.

Zeeq’s hidden gyroscope will closely track and monitor your every move during the night, and then pass your sleep data to the app to give you insights into your night’s sleep.

After taking Kickstarter by storm ny smashing its funding goal on its first day, Zeeq is up for pre-order right now. The current lowest price early bird bundle sits at $129 (£97), and shipping is set for December this year.

Bobby backpack – The unstealable bagBobby backpack

A cut-proof, water-repellant, shock-absorbing everyday rucksack, Bobby has cleverly concealed zips and secret pockets to make it a mind-boggling minefield for potential thieves.

Bobby’s theft-proof exterior makes it difficult for everyone apart from you to get inside. Its main zipper is fully hidden in the back of the bag, but because it’s yours, of course, you’ll know exactly where to look for it.

It also has handy extras like a concealed pocket behind the front strap for easy access to your Oyster or travel card, and even a power bank and USB port for charging your phone on the fly.

To keep you visible to traffic when you’re commuting on the road, Bobby is also equipped with illuminated safety strips that glows brightly on your back. If you’re carrying a heavy load, Bobby’s weight distribution is carefully positioned so that its heavier components are close to your back, making you feel less weight.

To make packing a breeze, Bobby’s main zip opens right down both sides of the bag, letting you open it out flat like a suitcase to stuff all kinds of essentials and goodies inside.

After smashing its funding goal on Indiegogo, Bobby is up for pre-order for £56, with shipping set for November.

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