Tech is never boring. But sometimes it is weird. Really weird. Check out some of the downright crackers, completely brilliant and inspired gadgets we came across this week...

HB Ring – A heartbeat catcher for lovesick couples

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Bearers of weak stomachs, zero tolerance for romance and even less tolerance for couples who are just soooo into each other – look away now. This is the ultimate gadget for loved up, lovesick, love-crazed…lovers. It’s really clever, though, which is why we’re writing about it. The HB Ring is basically a ring that couples can buy to feel – literally feel each other’s heartbeat on their finger. Gross but true. To feel the rhythm of the beating aortic valve of their partner, an HB Ring wearer just needs to tap their own ring once. Their partner’s corresponding ring will instantly pick up their heartbeat, and beam it to the other ring. We have one question and one question only (that is – apart from: Why?): What happens if you tap it and NOTHING happens?

The Lucid Dreamer – Wake up inside your dreams

The Lucid DreamerPre-order for €297 (around £257) from Kickstarter

There’s a high chance that this gadget is way, way too good to be true, but we’re going to stick with the age-old mantra of don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. Mainly because we’re desperate for it to be legit. In case you haven’t heard of lucid dreaming, it’s when your subconscious mind is “awake” while your body is still asleep. You can then control what happens in your dreams and do all kinds of awesome stuff you can’t do in real life, except it feels very real. Amazing, right? It takes practice though – often months and years of it. But the boon with The Lucid Dreamer is that it claims it can induce your sleeping brain into a lucid dream without a jot of effort on your part. Woah.

BlaBlaCar – The Airbnb of ride-sharing

blablacar-appFree to download for iOS and Android devices here

Train travel is expensive, and travelling alone is boring. BlaBlaCar solves both of those problems by matching up drivers with spare seats with skint passengers who need a ride. The app has already taken France by storm, and is now reaching out to the rest of the world. Signing up is free, and then you just have to create a profile that makes you look like a friendly chap, add details about your car (or not, if you’re signing up just to hitch), and then tell BlaBlaCar when you’re travelling and how many seats you’ve got to spare. It’s easy to search for a ride, and prices are super-low; like £8 from Edinburgh to Newcastle low. We’re predicting Uber-level fame once it takes off.

Monument – The smartest box of memories

Monument storagePre-order from Indiegogo for $109 (around £84)

The luxury of being able to take photos wherever and whenever we want can spell disaster for our phone storage. And the cloud isn’t always the cheapest or most secure way to organise our hundreds of treasured memories. That’s where Monument comes in. A personal cloud device that uses artificial intelligence algorithms, Monument keeps your many photos and videos safe – and more importantly, in the right order. It can be programmed to automatically organise your photos according to time, location, what’s in them and even the faces it detects. This means you can create an entire folder dedicated to selfies, family shots and that endless camera reel for your cute baby nephew. Awesome. The one caveat is that you have to bring in your own storage by way of USB sticks, but there’s no limit to the size of storage you can plug in.

Spire – A rock that makes you calm

SpireBuy for $130 (around £100) from Amazon

Want to be a paragon of calm? A gently-flowing river of zen? The epitome of chill? Pop this rock in your pocket and you’re practically a modern-day Buddha. Touting itself as your new personal wellness coach, Spire is a tiny pebble-shaped wearable that uses your breathing data to sense your stress levels, and sends you a gentle reminder via an app on your phone to give yourself a restful moment. By listening to your body’s rhythm, Spire claims it can tell when you’re calm, focussed, or in a total tiz, and help train you to become less of a stress-head. Controlling your breathing can also lower blood pressure and increase endorphins, which are responsible for making us feel all lovely and euphoric. You can track your evolving state of calm in the app, which lets you see exactly at what time of day you were stressed, where it happened and what you were doing. There’s an inactivity alert, which tells Spire to give you a gentle kick up the bum when you’re being lazy.