It's probably looking into your soul.

If you grew up in the 90s, there’s a high chance you had a toy Furby. And if you were in the minority of kids that didn’t have one, you will have at least heard one in your friend’s bedroom, chuntering away to itself in a pile of stuffed toys in the corner like a psychopathic Toy Story villain.

Either way, you’d better prepare yourself for some unnerving nostalgia, because the goggly-eyed fur ball from toy maker Hasbro is back, and the creepy levels have been cranked up. It’s called Furby Connect, and it’s a Bluetooth-packed version of the childhood classic with full colour LCD screens for eyes.

Furby Connect sleep maskLike its predecessor, Furby Connect will react intuitively to sound and touch, purring and cooing when you pet it and talking complete gibberish whenever it feels like it. Apparently, it now has over 1,000 phrases to spontaneously utter when you’re least expecting it, and it can now communicate through those LCD eyes, which are capable of displaying more than a hundred unique, colourful animations.

Thanks to multiple sensors throughout its body, its movements are now apparently much more ‘natural’ than before. It knows the date and time, so it can pester you for breakfast and dinner, and also has a little antenna on its head that lights up when there’s some fun to be had in the Furby app.

Furby Connect iPadSpeaking of which, the app is where Furby Connect comes into its own. Thanks to Hasbro’s partnership with entertainment names like Kidz Bop and Jukin Media, the app comes with music, games and video clips that Furby Connect will join in with. You can even feed and look after Furby Connect via the app, and look after its ‘Furblings’. That’s right. This thing spawns.

Anyone who had a Furby back in the day will be all too aware that the tiny chatterbox didn’t know when it was time to shut up – ie. during the night. Luckily, Hasbro has been kind this time round. Furby Connect comes with a new sleep mask accessory that tells the loudmouthed critter when it’s time to zip it catch some ZZZs.

If you’re brave enough to let Furby Connect loose in your house you can pre-order it for your child from Amazon for $99.99 (£75).