There's no need to dump your faithful old bike for a flashy electric model - this quick-fix wheel is all you need to power your ride.

Updated: GeoOrbital casually coasted past its funding goal on Kickstarter and is now taking pre-orders at $799 (around £590), with shipping set for February 2017.

Zipping through the streets on a pair of electric wheels is every cycling commuter’s dream. But if there’s nothing particularly wrong with your bog-standard bicycle, making the upgrade to an electric model can feel like an elaborate luxury.

If that rings true for you, you’ll be pleased to meet GeoOrbital. Equipped with a DC motor, aerospace-grade aluminium body and a flat-proof, puncture-impervious solid foam tyre, the GeoOrbital swap-in wheel will power your ride to 20 miles per hour in just 6 seconds. And that’s before you even pedal to go faster.

GeoOrbital’s battery pack will put in a respectable shift of around 20 to 50 miles without pedalling, which should more than cover your daily commute. If you’ve got some battery to space, you can just snap off the battery pack and use it as a portable power bank for charging your gadgets. You can even use it as a charging port while you’re cycling – just plug in your phone, tablet or bike lights into the built-in USB outlet before you hit the road.

The great thing about GeoOrbital is that it’s easy to install onto practically any bike, coming in 2 sizes and fitting over 95% of adult-sized bicycles. The only extra part you need to snap on is a thumb-activated throttle that fits on your handlebar, and you can fit the whole thing in around 60 seconds, so it’s not rocket science. Incidentally, it was actually made by rocket scientists. Seriously…it’s makers are rocket scientists.

GeoOrbital wheelThe only caveat is that GeoOrbital carries the price tag of an electric ride. It’s currently bringing in the funding over on Kickstarter, where you can jump in for an early bird deal at around $699 if you get in there sharpish. You’ll be looking at the full retail price tag of $950 (£654) if you miss the boat. Shipping is set for November this year.