German smart-home tech company tado° has announced an extended range of smart heating control products to help cut your energy bills and heat individual zones in your home more efficiently.

Instead of heating your entire home all at once, the Additional Smart Thermostat and Smart Radiator Valve let you set different zones of your home to your desired temperature, meaning you won’t waste energy and money heating parts of the house that don’t need it.

Separate floors, individual rooms, and even underfloor heating can be controlled independently from other areas of your house via a thermostat in each room.

As with tado°’s existing range of smart thermostats, the Additional Smart Thermostat can be controlled via the intelligent tado° app, allowing you to control the heating in all of the separate zones in your home from wherever you are.

With the help of the smartphone app, tado° uses your phone’s location as an indicator of when it needs to warm up your home, as well as knowing when the last person has left so it can reduce the temperature to an optimal level.

Not only this, tado° uses the app to keep track of weather reports so it knows when to let the heat of the sun warm your home for free.

The old wall controller for your existing heating system can be easily replaced to enable you control your tado° zoned heating system from the app.

The Smart Radiator Valve will be useful for homes with radiators but without gas and central heating. tado° also claims that zoned heating will be a great solution for people who live in flats with a shared heating system.

An Additional Smart Thermostat can be purchased for £179 from The Smart Radiator Valve is still a way off, with release scheduled for late 2016.