The Alfred app gets a rebrand and some new smart features

A few weeks ago, we reported on the Alfred app, a single app that connects multiple smart devices and enables you to control them all from one place.

With, according to Alfred, some 7,000 downloads so far, the team behind it has decided to rebrand the app, renaming it Gideon AI. The team aren’t saying why but we spotted several other apps called Alfred, so we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a factor.

However, the team is keen to put out there’s more to it that that: “Alfred has grown from being a digital butler into Gideon AI, the smartest home intelligence solution,” said Marco Matera founder and CCO. “Today we’re proud to announce our rebranding that means a new name, new logo, new design and more features created on the back of feedback from Alfred’s users. “

The principal difference is that Gideon, “learns from users’ behaviours, predicting needs and scenarios and ultimately saving them time and money.” Gideon also reportedly helps users reduce energy waste and reduce bills.

For more information, pop along to The app will be downloadable from both the Apple and Google Play stores from June 6th.