Like a room-mate wanted poster, but for file sharing.

Sometimes the cloud isn’t the most convenient way to share files. And pulling an old USB flash drive from a draw is not without risk – who knows what’s on those things. Rejected holiday photos, your Star Trek fan fiction, an old family video of you as a ten-year-old in the school play. Gigs 2 Go gives you a card of four tearaway flash drives to easily share large files.

Available in 1GB, 8GB and 16GB sizes the cards are made of recycled paper pulp. Each drive has a chip-on-board flash memory chip. The chip is shock-proof, and water proof, so doesn’t need a cap to protect it.

Gigs 2 Go

The larger sizes can be customised with your own logo, and even preloaded with files. Since they fit easily into a wallet, they’re ideal for sharing portfolios, or large photo albums.

While they’re great for creative professionals, they’re also useful for the every day. Anything you want to share, without worrying about including something you didn’t mean to.

Gigs 2 Go were designed by BoltGroup, who see the devices as a way to live and work more collaboratively. The flash drives are made to be shared and passed around, rather than given out and reclaimed.