A sleek device that keeps you updated on how your driving is affecting your car - and your wallet.

For most of us, it’s probably been a while since someone sat in the passenger seat warning us to be gentle on the breaks, or not to take that corner so fast. While GoFar won’t berate you like a driving instructor or, worse, nervous parent, it will keep you informed about how your driving affects your car.

Sitting mounted on your dashboard, GoFar connects to your car’s computer, and to your phone, to let keep you informed about how efficiently your car is performing. The lights on the dashboard change as you drive, letting you know when you’re hitting the sweet spot for fuel efficiency, or warning you when you’re putting too much pressure on the engine.

As well as helping you save on fuel and tune ups, the app monitors each drive you take, letting you deep dive into your own driving habits.

Which route to work takes the longest, and which uses the most fuel? How are your CO2 emissions? How does your breaking and accelerating score out of a possible 100?

In addition you can review the journeys you’ve taken for a total expense cost – which is helpful when looking to how you’ll use your car in the future, and will help you plan your budget.

You can reduce your environmental impact, save money on fuel and repairs, and play a very real game of ‘who drove it better’ with your friends and family.