Temporary transport solutions just got cuter.

There are a lot of places in the world where owning a car has become more of a hindrance than a help. Alternatives to owning your own car have been springing up all over the place – from shareable bikes in major cities all over the world, to organisations like Zipcar. Electric scooter company Gogoro is adding one more option to the market, with on-demand scooters.

Gogoro launched their smart scooter last year. With a network of charge stations and easily changed batteries, they’re a convenient electric scooter in their own right. And they’re about to become more so – for one city at least.

Gogoro has partnered with Coup to put 200 of their smart scooters in Berlin, for on-demand rental. Customers will find a conveniently located scooter using the app, ride to their destination, and leave it for the next rider – all for €3 every half hour.

As Gogoro’s scooters can already be tracked, locked, and started via an app, they’re a natural fit for this kind of service. And there’ll be no need for users to wait while they charge, as they can simply find a charging station and swap out the battery.

The 200 initial scooters are likely to be increased over time, and as Gogoro are steadily expanding their market base throughout Europe, it’s not unlikely that we’ll see shareable scooters spread to other cities before long.