Google Life Sciences will begin testing new Google contact lenses for Diabetes sufferers in 2016 that auto-detect glucose levels to help monitor the condition.

Google Life Sciences, help under Google’s umbrella company Alphabet, has inserted tiny wireless chips and glucose sensors between two layers of lenses to analyse their wearer’s tears and determine their blood sugar levels. The lenses will begin field tests in 2016, according to Google.

There’s even been mention that Google might add minuscule LED lights to the lenses that flash when levels are too high or low, which would be a huge step from many sufferers’ current method of testing drops of their blood.

Other than the flashing LED lights, it’s still open to conjecture how the lenses will alert their wearers to possible changes in variables affecting Diabetes. Could a phone app, for example, send notifications when glucose levels change?

Google Life Sciences are working in partnership with several other companies, including Novartis and Dexcom, to bring the Google contact lenses into circulation.