Gesture controls come to your clothing, and here's how


So far, much of the smart clothing we have seen has comprised little more than heart rate monitors sewn into stuff, but Google and Levis are set to challenge that with something more ambitious.

Project Jacquard, a partnership between the two companies first formed a year ago, has produced its first product, the Levi’s Commuter X Jacquard, a fabric than enables cyclists to send commands to their phone without taking the device from their pockets.

A sensor on the jacket detects any swipes and taps made by the rider onto the fabric and sends them to the phone via Bluetooth. The jacket contains conducting wires that track the gestures so the rider could, for example, change an audio track or ignore a phone call.

Jacquard in action

Announced at the Google I/O conference, an annual showcase of new technologies Google presents to developers, the product is set to undergo beta testing later this year, with a release date in the spring of 2017.

Find out more at Google’s Project page.