Not everyone can make to to Rio to see the Olympics up close, but Google are doing their best to make searching for them just as fun.

The Olympics were in the UK four short years ago, and it would be churlish to wish they could be here again. Well, some of us are a bit churlish and we’re all just going to have to live with that. But no amount of wishing is going to bring the games back – they’re in Rio, and we are here.

Fortunately for those of us who can’t manage to pop over to Brazil for a couple of weeks, Google is ramping up their search results with a whole host of fun features. You can’t be there, but you can just about, almost, maybe feel like you are, with one simple search.

Google have partnered with broadcasters in at least 60 countries, to drop highlights and updates right into your search results. You want to know how Usain Bolt did in his latest race? Watch it happen as soon as you’ve typed in the words. Search an athlete and see their bios, how there doing in the games so far, and when they’re next scheduled to compete at a glance.

These developments haven’t come completely from nowhere – if want you want is a quick glance at the crucial details, Google has been doing it’s best to replace the websites it finds for you for years. But bringing this global event to the front of search, in a more dynamic and multimedia way, will make connecting over the games just that much easier.