Who needs a helicopter anyway.

Picture this: a camera swoops smoothly over snow covered mountains, weaving deftly in an out of pine trees, following the path of a hawk, perhaps, before travelling down to capture a snow boarder. The snow boarder is you. With GoPro Karma, it could all happen.


Karma is GoPro’s custom designed drone – with it you can capture smooth footage from the air with ease. Karma is lightweight, and folds down, into it’s own backpack case – complete with shoulder holster – ensuring it’s easy to bring along with you, no matter the adventure.

Karma is easy enough to fly for beginners, and let’s drone experts get creative. And with the GoPro Passenger app, friends can watch your flight, or control the drone for you while you hit the slopes.

As well as the Karma drone, you can get the Karma grip – an auto-stabilising mount, with built-in camera controls, letting you get smooth, stable hand held action shots.

GoPro Karma ships in October, so whether you want to take to the mountains this winter, or just film your family Christmas from the skies, you’ll be ready.