GoPro has unveiled a camera rig called GoPro Odyssey that will give professionals the ability to capture stereoscopic panoramic film.


GoPro Odyssey, which aptly resembles a giant old-fashioned zoetrope, packs 16 GoPro Hero4 Black cameras to film 8K spherical video at 30 frames per second.

In actual english, the GoPro just grew up – really really fast.

Odyssey records immersive 30 degree video, syncing all 16 cameras to create immersive depth perspective that GoPro claims is unrivalled by other filming devices.

Professionals will be able to take advantage of Odyssey’s capabilities using Google’s Jump video assembler, which combines the footage from all 16 cameras into one stereoscopic video.

For now, Odyssey is available exclusively to professionals only upon request for $15,000 (around £9,750). Register here if you’re lucky enough to have the bank balance. For non-pros, there’s no word yet whether we’ll ever be able to even get a sniff at one, but at least that gives us ample time to get saving…