Film in six directions at once.

Whether you want to make people feel like they’re really there as you hurtle down a mountain or through a skate park, or explore the creative storytelling potential of virtual reality, GoPro are about to make it a lot easier for you. Next week sees the launch of Omni – GoPro’s six-camera virtual reality filming rig.

There are other rigs out there, but nothing so far has been quite so comprehensively integrated as Omni. With a central hub that each camera hooks into, it automatically syncs your camera settings, and stitches the six views together seamlessly.

GoPro Omni

GoPro have also created their own editing software, custom designed to work with virtual reality footage. It includes the Omni Importer, which makes importing and organising your footage incredibly easy.

If you already happen to have six Hero 4 Black cameras lying around, you can buy the rig on its own, but if you’re looking for the full set up, there’s a package available for you. The full package (available for a low low price of £4199.99) not only includes the rig and the cameras, but all the software you’ll need to import and edit your footage.

GoPro Omni

GoPro don’t yet have a 3D camera, so this isn’t a way to make fully immersive virtual reality film, but if you’re looking to expand your filming, it’s certainly an exciting way to go.