This year's Grammy awards feature a built-in GoPro to get you up close and personal with the stars.

Ever fancied being a Grammy award for the day? Probably not. But now we mention it, you’re probably thinking it wouldn’t be half bad getting passed into the hands of your favourite artists.

Well, the good news is that it’s about to become possible (sort of), because this year’s Grammy awards are kitted out with a hidden GoPro – or ‘Grammycam’ – to let you see exclusively through the eyes of one of the golden trophies at the most important moment of its life.

The tiny little battery-powered action cam will be disassembled and embedded in the base of every award like in the picture above, then linked up the an online live stream that that will run throughout the whole ceremony. There, you’ll be able to see the entire range of human emotion as you’re handed over to the winners – from tears and laughter, to shock and pure elation. Pretty cool, eh?

Not only will we be able to see what it’s like to brush shoulders with the stars onstage, we’ll also get a sneak at red carpet and behind-the-scenes coverage that us mortals aren’t usually privy to, including an afternoon event with tons of additional awards.

The Live stream will begin five hours before the evening’s broadcasts, and will carry on until the last award gets accepted. If you’re sold on the idea of an out of body experience at the Grammies, you can follow the Grammycam live stream here.