Grow your own herbs and vegetables without ever having to go outside.

Gardens are lovely, and gardens are useful, but gardens take up a lot of space, and these days that’s not something everyone has. Grobo will let you grow your own completely organic herbs and vegetables, in a climate controlled environment right in your own home.


You can plant anything you like in a Grobo unit – although we wouldn’t recommend an acorn – and customise the growing settings. If you’re fingers are only the palest shade of green, the Grobo app has a library of custom settings for each kind of plant – you just need to tell it what you have in there, and it’ll do the rest. If you’re a seasoned plant growing pro, you can adjust the settings to fit your own preferences.

Grobo has optimised LED lighting that mimics sunrise and sunset, without the pesky interference of weather. Your plants will grow fast and healthy, and be ready to eat before you know it.

Once you’ve told Grobo what you’re growing, it’ll do all the work for you. If you’re the kind of person who goes away a lot – or the kind of person who stays home a lot, but forgets to water their plants – Grobo is for you. It’ll see everything gets the optimal amount of water, and light, with added nutrients, catered to the exact needs of whatever you’re growing.

The app will keep you updated on how things are going on the inside, with up to the minute information on your plants. It will also connect you with a community of gardeners, so you can share tips and grow even better.