Whatever your lighting needs, Gyre is here to fill them.

For a simple thing, light can be complicated. It has different functions for different occasions – do you want gentle candlelight, pulsing strobe, a torch so bright it feels like day, or just a simple reading light? Gyre is a new, multi-purpose light that aims to fill all those needs, wherever you need it to.

Gyre has seven different modes that – letting you choose your lighting as the situation demands it. If you need a powerful torch, it emits a light of up to 1600 Lumen, bringing light as bright as day to the darkest night.


The magnetic base allows you to attach the light to any metallic surface, or the Gyre band lets you hang it from an available hook. As well as the providing light bright enough to bring day to a dungeon miles below ground at midnight, Gyre let’s you set the mood in whatever way you like. If you’re keen to relax, you can have a warm lamp, or set it to imitate flickering candlelight.


Or if you want to raise the roof, set it to strobe, pulse through different colours, or beat in time to the music. There are simple controls on the unit itself, as well as an integrated app that lets you control it.

As an added bonus, Gyre acts as a portable power back for your phone – bringing the power you need as well as the light.

There’s still time to back the project on Kickstarter, and preorder your Gyre lamp. There are two different colours available, and they should beam their way to you in November, just in time for the long, dark, winter nights.