Got a bunch of stuff that needs doing? Don't do it yourself, hire a team to take care of it instead.... for a fee.

Here’s a 21st Century spin on a Downtown Abbey type idea – Gystnow’s a human-powered concierge service in an app. Whether that’s just a polite name for ‘servants’ is a matter of preference, but the service comprises an iOS app which for a fee, connects you to a dedicated team of real-life ‘personal assistants’ who will handle your stuff for you.

Gystnow puts it differently of course, saying it’s “designed to be a solution for overwhelmed individuals, providing users with high-end virtual and in-person assistant support”.


The user submits their tasks via the app and a team of five dedicated assistants will spring into action to take care of them. Gystnow suggests tasks might include things like: scheduling, research and ordering, errands, travel arrangements and so on, while the app enables users to chat in real time with their assistant for updates.

You can get an idea of the kind of upscale subscriber it’s being aimed at, with single tasks being priced at $20 and membership costing $450/month for 25 tasks.

Whether users end up getting a crack team of bright eyed personal assistants, or a bunch of slightly disgruntled operators based in a call centre in Asia, fretting about what happens when Alexa does this kind of thing for free, we’ll have to see, but Gystnow promises the former.

Either way, the app isn’t available in the UK yet, but we’ll let you know if that changes. Find out more at its website here.