These are aiming to do everything... and we aren't joking

Headphones are the best (and worst) invention, ever. They can fall out, get tangled up and really only do one thing – help you listen to music. But according to Harsaa, an India-based technology start-up, their hi-tech wireless earbuds are the answer to all our headphone problems, and do a lot more than what you’d expect.

Equipped with a variety of functions from a fitness tracker to a heart rate monitor, the Harsaa earbud adapts to your needs while also providing the latest in smart tech. Take for instance if you’re on a jog listening to music, but still want to be on the look out for traffic. Simply tap your earbuds once and you can safely listen to your music and hear oncoming traffic.

Due to the earbud’s water and sweat resistance, it is also the perfect gift for fitness junkies, with a Fitness Mode that tracks your steps, distance, speed and time, along with calories and heart rate.

Harsaa wireless earbuds

And for those you who hate hearing your partner’s snoring when going to bed, the noise cancellation technology helps you block out their incessant racket. You can even try the earbud’s sleep mode, which tracks your breathing and helps detect hidden sleep disorders.


Interestingly, the Harsaa earbud differentiates itself from its competitors with a ‘Panic function’. When tapped, Harsaa signals your mobile phone to sound an alarm if you’re ever in a hostile function, or sends an ‘I need help’ text to a friend.

Sound too good to be true? Well, the earbuds are still in the funding phase, with £70 given to their Indiegogo campaign guaranteeing you’ll receive your own do-it-all headphones by November 2016. Interested?