Smart tech for parents just got a lot more hands-on in the nursery...

We’ve seen loads of baby bottles, formula machines and nursery gizmos that want to help new parents raise their babies, but most of them are one-trick solutions to just one little part of a baby’s busy day. The Hatch smart changing mat, however, has much bigger plans.

A soft, machine-washable changing mat with built-in smart sensors and WiFi, Hatch wants to help you track your baby’s growth, feeds, sleep pattern and even its nappy changes to help you keep track of the wider picture. It works by connecting to an app on your smartphone every time you pop your baby on it. Depending on whether you’re there for a weigh-in or a nappy change, Hatch will automatically send the relevant data to your phone and save it in your baby’s history.

While Hatch is great for capturing your baby’s weight and logging every nappy change, it needs a bit of a helping hand for more in-depth details about your baby’s daily life. Unsurprisingly, it can’t differentiate between a wet and dirty nappy, so if you’re after that kind of detail, you’ll have to enter the information into the app yourself.

If you want to track sleep and feeds, you’ll have to do that yourself too. Thanks to the Hatch app’s clean, simple interface, though, it should only take a couple of swipes and taps. Most of the manual entry sections are on a ‘tap to choose’ basis, so you won’t have to fiddle around too much entering in precise numbers and figures when you’re trying to get a handle on nursing your baby.

Hatch’s tracking system is an obvious boon for mums away from home. You can check up on your baby’s progress at any time, get notifications on how much they’re eating, watch their growth from week to week, and really just get peace of mind that they’re getting the love and care they need when you can’t be there. To help put your baby’s progress in perspective, you can also compare her growth percentile to worldwide data and other babies in the Hatch community.

The unfortunate news is that Hatch is currently only available in the US. It’s priced at a pretty steep $249 (£173) on Amazon.