It may seem like a bold claim, but with the ability to heat your home while saving you money, Heat Genius lives up to its name.

Rather than wasting electricity by leaving your whole house heated all day, Heat Genius lets you design your own heating system to suit your home and your needs. It gives you full control over your heating by enabling you to only heat the rooms you are actually using at any given time.

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This innovative and eco-friendly way of cutting your energy bills links every radiator around your home to your smartphone so you can easily program, switch on and monitor your home heating. It’s a simple process that only requires a wireless connection for a quick installation and you’re up and running.

By working out which different rooms are used throughout the day, you can set your personalised heating schedule accordingly. For example, you could set your bedroom at a certain temperature for waking up, your kitchen for dinner and your living room for your evening soaps. You can also set different programs for different days of have a weekend mode to fit around your schedule.

The app also records your heating patterns and temperatures and shows them to you with a chart so you can see if you could make any changes to save even more energy. Other features include Linked Rooms to set two rooms at the same temperature at the same time, for example an adjoining room or en-suite, and the Room Pre-Heat setting which warms up your rooms earlier when it detects cold weather.

As well as detecting changing weather patterns, Heat Genius gives you the weather forecast so you can plan your heating schedule in advance, and if you’re going away during winter, it will continue to monitor the temperature to stop your pipes from freezing. Heat Genius can even detect when a window or door is open and automatically turns the heating off so you don’t waste money- we told you it was clever!

Heat Genius is made and manufactured in the UK with a range of products to get you started, which you can check out here. You can also take the quick questionnaire that works out exactly which products would work best for you.