You're carrying one of the greatest imaging tools of all time in your pocket - unlock its potential with this neat add-on iPhone cage.

Update: After achieving 134% of its funding goal on Indiegogo – Helium Core ships in limited quantities sooon. But never fear, there is a waitlist you can join here!

As the iPhone camera gets better with every upgrade, filmmakers, photographers, mobile journalists, broadcasters and vloggers are looking on it as their most important professional tool.

But there’s no denying it has it’s flaws – namely the fact that it’s crammed inside a thin sliver of metal that’s about as easy to wield as a bar of soap. Not to mention the lack of pro filters and sheer incompatibility with accessories like tripods and lenses. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem like such a reliable camera of choice.

That’s exactly what motivated Helium Core founder Brandon Hoe to hit the drawing board. Armed with just his iPhone and a bunch of professional camera tools that didn’t quite fit, Brandon set about designing something that would finally let him turn his iPhone camera into the filming pro he needed it to be. And now, it can be yours too.

The clever thing about Helium Core is that it’s actually a really simple little invention. It’s essentially an iPhone cage that fits onto your iPhone just like a normal case, except with a few more holes. Bring your camera accessories into the mix, though, and it’s suddenly something incredibly special.

Helium CoreWith numerous industry-standard mounting points and ports, Helium Core lets you swap in lenses, add filters, fix on flashes, and add adaptors and other accessories like microphones to your iPhone’s camera system. Depending on what tools you have, it opens up practically endless creative ways to mount, position and enhance your iPhone camera. It is, in Brandon’s words, the basic building block for iPhoneography.

One of the best parts? It’s a much more ergonomic grip for comfortably holding your iPhone without dropping it. It’s also cleverly designed to leave all switches, buttons, jacks and ports on your iPhone open, meaning you can use your iPhone as normal while it’s wrapped up in Helium Core’s aluminium frame.

If you’re ready to bid farewell to the age of grappling with your iPhone camera like a butter-fingered amateur and see what that clever little camera in your pocket is really made of, you need look no further than Helium Core.

Unsurprisingly, Helium Core has smashed its Kickstarter funding goal by a mile, and is now up for pre-order. You can grab it in two models – one for iPhone 6 and 6s, and one for the 6 Plus and 6s Plus – for $118 (£81). Its release date is set for September 2016.