Securing your expensive bike is one thing, but that still leaves wheels and saddles at risk. Hexlox reckon they have the answer

Updated: Hexlox smashed its funding goal and is now accepting pre-orders with a June release date.

No matter how cunning and bullet-proof your bike’s security, there’s always a chance someone’s going to have a crack at it anyway. Secure the frame and worry about the wheels. Bolt the wheels and there’s still the saddle.

Hexlox, a new bike security device, reckons on being the answer. It’s a small magnetic lock that slots onto of a bolt, rendering it inaccessible to a spanner’s alan key. Removing it is simple – just insert your ‘unique and personal key’, turn and remove. The locking/unlocking mechanism comes with a key card containing your three digit key.

Take a look at the video to see how it works.

Hexlox is currently on Kickstarter and has exceeded its funding goal.