Because heat doesn't exist in a vacuum.

The British Gas smart thermostat has been sitting aloof from the rest of our smart homes for a while, but they’ve just taken the first step towards joining in the party. Hive has joined IFTTT – which will let you hook your thermostat up with a host of other apps and devices.

If you haven’t explored the world of IFTTT yet, it essentially lets you set rules that trigger your devices and apps, according to what you’re doing with other devices and apps.

Now that the Hive thermostat is coming on board, you’ll be able to get yout heating working that much more automatically. Set up your fitness app with IFTTT so that if you go for a run, the hot water tank heats up, for example.

There’s no word yet on whether Hive smart lighting will be added to the IFTTT group, but it’s encouraging that Hive are starting to take these steps.