An app glitch over the weekend left a few Hive users a little hot under the collar.

Smart home owners were forced to endure an unexpected mid-Winter sweat over the weekend as a Hive thermostat app glitch sent temperatures soaring to up to 32˚c.

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The British Gas-owned Hive received over 30 complaints from customers complaining that their Hive thermostat had randomly cranked up their home heating to max temperatures without their permission. Hive issued a statement to The Memo, blaming “a certain sequence of commands in the Hive iOS app” for the heatwave.

It also cooled a few tempers by advising customers to simply turn the temperature down manually using the app, web dashboard, or thermostat itself to resolve the issue.

There’s still no word on exactly how many of Hive’s 300,000 customers were affected by the glitch, or whether their heating bills will suffer as a result, but Hive’s support team says they’re already working on an update to patch the problem.