Catch burglars in the act and keep an eye on your pets and kids when you're away from home with this loyal little patrolling bot.

If you don’t live in a mansion with an 8-foot fence and a bust of yourself on the gate post, employing the aid of a guard dog is a little extreme. But how do you actually keep your home safe if you’re living in the real world? The answer, folks, is more exciting than you might think. You get a robot.

The Home Patrolling Robot is a dinky little camera bot on wheels that faithfully roams your house on the lookout for trouble. Equipped with a high-definition 1080-pixel camera and a two-way microphone and speakers, the robot can stream live video and audio to an app on your iPhone or iPad wherever you are in the world for peace of mind, and can even record 720-pixel footage on demand in case you see something you need to remember.

Depending on what you see through the robot’s lens, you can take all kinds of action from within the app. See the dog with the TV remote in its mouth again? Use that two-way microphone to give it a hasty warning. Dog doesn’t listen? You can tell the robot to move forward, backward, turn corners and tilt the camera up and down to follow your misbehaving pooch around the house to make sure you don’t miss where he hides it.

Home Patrolling Robot app

The app lets you capture mug shots and footage of treasured moments and unwelcome house guests.

And when it comes to home security, there’s nothing freakier for a burglar than a disembodied voice informing them that they are being watched. Except perhaps that disembodied voice actually coming from a robot on wheels…that won’t stop following them. Some might argue that’s scarier than a snarling Doberman.

Power-wise, the Home Patrolling Robot runs for up to five hours on a single charge, or nine in standby mode. It doesn’t matter if it starts to run out of steam though, because the bot can just roll on over to his charging stand for a feed. A single charge takes around eight hours.

The Home Patrolling Robot is being sold exclusively at Hammacher Schlemmer for $199.95 (£139).