This new service aims to match the best tenants to the best landlords


Wouldn’t it be great if the reward for being a good tenant was a better, easier rental when you moved to somewhere new? Where the current painful experience was made slightly simpler and helped improve your chances of landing the ideal property?

Homeppl’s new service promises to be a ‘CV for your renting history’ and aims to help tenants record and show off their renting reputation, helping landlords find the best tenants and helping tenants land better properties.

It also enables landlords to set up their own resumes and get feedback from tenants, helping good landlords get the best tenants. The service can apparently apply to any property in the world.

Tenants (and landlords) can use it by logging in via, filling in the various fields and asking previous landlords and roommates to vouch for you. When complete, it enables you to showcase your rental history and reputation to prospective new landlords, potentially giving you an edge over the competition.

Homeppl is currently a web service but is coming soon as a Google Chrome extension. Click here to find out more.