Hoolio is a new Apple Watch-friendly video streaming service for the ultimate home workout.

Lucky Apple Watch wearers will soon be able to get a full workout without having to leave the house thanks to a new fitness video-streaming service called Hoolio.

Brainchild of a European startup, Hoolio will bring together all of the best fitness videos on the web, plus a whole host of its own premium content that iOS users and Apple Watch wearers will be able to tap into through a single app.

What’s great about Hoolio is that it doesn’t just want to replace a session at the gym. It’s basically a one-stop-shop for anyone desperate to try out their favourite exercise at home – be it Yoga, Pilates, cardio, and of course, er…Viking training. Seriously.

Even though Hoolio aims to get you active behind closed doors, it does have a feature to encourage social workouts. Simply sync your video training with a friend using the app, and you can exercise together – even if you’re not in the same country.

Your Apple Watch comes into the mix when you choose to sync your Hoolio training with your fitness stats. All of your usual calories burns, step count, and so on, will be logged alongside your workouts, allowing you to track your video training progress in more depth.

If you’re just armed with an iPhone, you’re not completely left out of the fun. You can still enjoy features like the ability to filter videos according to your mood, fitness level, and how long you’ve got to train.

Hoolio is currently available on desktop only in the UK, but should be coming to an Apple Watch on your wrist (or and iPhone in your hand) very soon. You can sign up on its website to get the latest launch news.