The dream of burning off calories while you're sitting at your desk (and dreaming about donuts) is finally about to come true.

Fancy shedding a few extra pounds while doing absolutely nothing? Of course you do. It’s the dream. But that’s never going to happen, is it? Or…is it?

A rotating, rocking, swivelling footrest that you can use at your desk or on the sofa, HOVR is designed to encourage unconscious movement that it claims is the closest activity to walking while you’re sitting down doing sweet FA. Sounds pretty amazing.

It is, in HOVR’s own words, “walking reinvented”.


The desk-mounted HOVR model attaches to your workspace

So effective is this newfangled sitting-walking malarkey that HOVR claims it will help you burn 17% more calories than if you’re merely sitting still. As well as shedding the cals, HOVR will also, it says, produce pleasing side effects like improved circulation, better cognitive productivity and mental alertness.

And also just the fact that you get to fidget as much as you like, which is always fun.

HOVR free standing

A free-standing HOVR fits under any desk

Like any smart thing these days, HOVR connects to an app on your phone to help you track your activity. Here, you can set goals, track just how many calories you’ve burned and also see how far you’ve “travelled” while sitting still.

Like all hair-brained ideas that turn out to be actually genius, HOVR has been plugging away on crowdfunding site Indiegogo to reel in backers.

You can pre-order it in two models. A desk mount that screws to the underside of your desk priced at $65 (around £49), or a free-standing HOVR that you can use wherever you feel like planting your bum, priced at $125 (around £94).